Graphic Design & Marketing

There are great many players navigating today’s hectic corporate field, looking for new clients or an edge over competition. That’s the niche where I can help you; even with a humble budget small companies, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits can get access to over 15 years of experience in design and marketing. It's time to set things in motion.


Whether it's assets for an ad campaign, a newsletter template, logo designs, or a complete overhaul of your brand, I got you covered and will provide assistance every step of the way.

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Langh Companies

As a family owned business Langh Companies have a long and venerable history dating back as far as 1960s. 2017 saw the company begin to take steps on modernizing their websites, and this year it was Langh Ship's turn.

Goodwill ry

Goodwill ry is a Finnish, Helsinki based nonprofit who are building the future of fundraising by developing a digital platform which will make it easier to donate money to a charity of your choice.


Pieces of Branding

When an idea for a business or a start-up begins to pick up speed, there's always someone who starts throwing the word "branding" around. But why, isn't it just a logo and a few key colors?

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