Tag: 3d modeling

Engineering Station

Sturdy engineering station to hold all your engineering needs. Also has computer inside.

White Hall

Dreamlike space for wicked inspo.

Volt MCS-20

A fictional Volt branded power pack. Easy to use, functional and clean design, multiple color variants. Also included is an instructional product video.

Red Sun City

Rather dystopian skyline, don't you think?

Logo Animations

Some logo animations. Practice and portfolio filler.

The Perfect Self

A convincing illusion at best.

Varanus MK II

Concept design of a space faring, AI controlled surveillance/weapons drone.


Quick concept work of keystones. Somewhat inspired by the game Death's Door.


Just some angled JSplacement randomness for 4K desktop and mobile backgrounds.

Assembly Manuals

A series of visualizations from imaginary assembly manuals of exploded science fiction-y machine parts and components.

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